Running Belt

"The perfect cell phone holder," Keeps all your essentials secure including your iPhone 6 Plus, Android or other smart phone models as well as keys, cards and cash.

DBelt Original

Walking Belt

Easily holding all your essentials - including your phone, keys, passport, ID, credit cards, and cash. The DBelt is ergonomically designed with a 4" bandwidth to ensure stability and a balanced, snug fit that adjusts to every size you drop.

Holds All Essentials.

The DBelt's modern design comfortably carries your phone, ID, credit cards, cash, and keys, keeping you focused and mobile. With two spacious pockets – including a headphone portal so your electronics stay snug, zipped in, and readily available at your waist – you'll have ample room to take whatever you need, wherever you need to: the gym, the trail, or the club.


DBelt PRO.

The DBelt Pro "carry-all cell phone holder" The DBelt Pro has a slimmer cut that rides lower for added mobility. With innovative Xtra-Dry fabric, the DBelt Pro transports moisture from the skin to the belt's exterior 63% faster than Nylon, keeping you cooler and drier for longer.

DBelt Original.

The DBelt original fuses 70% breathable, soft cotton and 30% lightweight, form-fitting spandex. This cooling, antimicrobial blend protects against both odor and chafing, while no-bounce technology makes you forget the DBelt's even there. An ergonomic 4" bandwidth ensures a balanced, snug fit that adjusts to every size you drop.

Fashion .

The DBelt Pro "carry-all cell phone holder" The DBelt goes the extra mile in aesthetic appeal as well as performance. Sleek, modern, and versatile, the DBelt was envisioned and designed by a team of fashion authorities, making it the first piece of workout apparel that multitasks as an essential fashion accessory. With the DBelt there is no need to buy multiple pairs of expensive workout pants. Choose the clothes you feel best in and let the DBelt carry everything you need.


  • The DBelt Pro "carry-all cell phone holder" The DBelt has completely changed my workout life. I used to hold my phone in my hand and tie my keys to my shoes when I ran, since armbands were hard to access and all the belts I tried were uncomfortable and/or unattractive. The DBelt looks great and feels great, so now I’m running freer and faster than ever.img
    - Ashley
  • With three little ones running around I never have a hand to spare, and a big purse was just one more thing I had to look after. With the DBelt, I’m able to carry everything I need without thinking about it, which makes holding onto the kids that much easier.img
    - Jennifer
  • When I go out dancing with friends the last thing I want to think about is where my purse is. With the DBelt, I can leave my purse at home, and its sleek look complements all my outfits. Love it!img
    - Monica
  • I’ve been hiking for years. I can’t tell you how many times I debated whether or not to bring my backpack for a shorter hike, knowing I didn’t need that much storage space, but took it anyway to hold the essentials. Thanks to the DBelt, I don’t have to debate anymore, and I have the perfect hiking companion.img
    - Chris




DBelt PRO.

FOR RUNNING + INTENSE WORKOUTS The DBelt PRO is designed with FITNESS in mind and is designed for BOTH women and men. It features a hi tech water resistant fabric that can withstand the endurance of any workout from yoga and walking to cycling or running. The PRO is designed to ensure stability. It's balanced, bounce free snug fit will accommodate important items - your phone (including iPhone 6 Plus), keys, credit cards, cash, passport card, and more! The PRO is the ideal fashion solution for the fitness minded who requires functionality and performance all in one! Available in a myriad of colors!

DBelt Original.

FOR TRAVEL + LIGHT EXERCISE imgThe DBelt Original will easily hold all your essentials when traveling at home or abroad. It is ergonomically designed to securely contain important items, including your phone, keys, passport, credit cards, cash and more!

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